Know Me

Hey, welcome to my blog!  I’m Timzy.

I live in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area. I was born and slightly raised in Virginia and now I live in Maryland. Living in both areas have different learning experiences. I can say that living in Maryland exposes me to a lot of new things.

One thing that I was exposed to in Maryland was social media. When I was living in Virginia I would play and hang outside all the time. I did not care too much about television and, I for sure, did not have a clue to what social media was.

I moved to Maryland when I was 14 years old. In the beginning I did not know anyone but started to open up enough to meet some new people. I learned so much from them. One thing I learned was social media…it was a done deal. I was so obsessed with it and figured out how to customize my Myspace page and stuff. Lol.

Eventually, I learned about YouTube and other social medias when I got older. Looking at YouTube videos and reading blogs inspired me (twinkle eyes). I kinda said that in a dramatic way but I did think it was a great way to communicate to many people around the world.

Side note>>> I’m the person that does not like to be center of attention or anything of the like.

Even though I’m kind of timid I want to do videos and blogs. After years of watching YouTube and reading blogs, I’ve decided to face my fears and just try it out for myself. Yes, I prepared myself for all that comes with social media, the ups and the downs.

About Timzynatural hair and self-improvement – I will help you by blogging and vlogging my experiences.

See ya soon!



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