Wash, Work Hard, and Then Go


I’ve been trying my best to get this whole “wash and go” right. Recently, I have been thinking about how I will wear my hair this summer. I do not want to do too many braid or twist or wig styles. YOU KNOW I also had to think about the heat and humidity. GEESH. For some reason I was trying my best to think of anything but a wash and go. I had tried a wash and go years ago and it took too long to do and it didn’t come out right.

I figured I’ll give it another try and just keep experimenting without looking at any natural hair YouTube channels or blogs. So I’ve been experimenting for a little over a month now. So far, I like the method I do now with, oil, shea butter, and Mielle styling gel. This way makes my hair soft, shine, and smell good.

I’ll be experimenting more and if I find something else that works best for me I’ll share that as well.

Here’s how I do my wash, work hard, and go. LOL. 



Thanks for all the support and encouragement,



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