Fenty Beauty First Impressions for Beginners | Part 1


I’ve been super excited about Fenty Beauty. I recently made a decision to try out make up seriously. I made that decision 3 days before Fenty Beauty dropped. It came at the best time for me lol. I am nowhere near a pro when it comes to makeup.

I did not know that the line would sell out as fast as it did. I was on a serious hunt for the correct foundation color. Once I tried different foundation shades, I eventually went with 410 without actually testing it because the stores were sold out. I recently got a sample of 390 and I think it matches my skin the best. I think 410 is my summertime tan shade while 390 is my normal skin tone shade.

Just to let you know, if you can’t find the products on Sephora’s website or in stores, go to fentybeauty.com. On Fenty Beauty’s actual website, I had the best luck with availability.

Products I have from Fenty Beauty

I got the foundation in 410, the sponge, the trio set Tan 300, and an additional shimmer skinstix, RIDIIIC. I now have sample products of the face primer and 390 foundation.

My skin type

Normal, kinda oily, I think lol. I notice I mostly get a little oily on my eyelids. Every now and again I catch myself wiping away oil from the area under my eyes and near the cheeks. I’ll do better in the future on explaining this stuff, hopefully lol.

My Personal Thoughts of the products

I LOOOOVEE THEM! The price is not horrible. It just shocked me of how much I spent so quickly lol. I’m not used to paying for makeup, so of course it shocked me. After trying the products, I appreciate the cost and quality of the products. I believe this line is to enhance your natural features. It’s like a makeup turn around from the cake face type of makeup. It’s easy to use, smells good, looks soooooo good, and gives you a poppin’ look without all the hard work and heavy feeling makeup. Although I blend for a long time, I know it’s because I’m not used to blending and I didn’t want to mess it up. As soon as I get the hang of things, it will not take me as long.

Ok, here’s the video

See ya soon,



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