Body Dairy | Now I’m Losing Weight Without Working Out


For the past two weeks I haven’t eaten any meat. It’s hard for me to say if I’m vegan or not because I’m willing to eat fish every now and again. I know I want to eat cleaner for sure.

I also haven’t been working out like I should. During work, the most I’ll do is walk a block, two blocks, or three blocks to maintain my size. Eating mostly plant based foods and not working out has made me smaller than before. Maybe I’m losing the little muscle I built.

Eating cleaner has made me feel better internally and externally. I really love how my skin looks. Of course, knowing that my food intake is what’s making me feel good internally and externally, I want more. I thought to take it to the next level and try a raw plant based diet next.

When I was on vacation, a couple of weeks ago, me and my family had many talks about eating better and all. One thing that came up was eating a raw plant based diet and not having a period. Everybody thought my brother-in-law was lying, but he wasn’t. Lol. After doing some research I found many females who’ve lost their period while eating a raw plant based diet.

I really thought about trying to eat a raw plant based diet but after doing the research, I may not do it because of what it does to the body. I will say that eating mostly plant based foods have helped with my menstrual pains. I stopped taking medicine for a few months now. My past cycle went very well and I really believe it was because of what I was eating the week or weeks before I started. Lol, I know TMI.

So all in all, I’m eating healthier, getting smaller, and not going to interrupt my menstrual cycle by eating a raw plant based diet. Lol. On the other hand hmmmm, I’m going to consult with my doctor to see if it would be ok for me or not. If the doctor gives me the green light, I’ll only do it for 30 days to see what I experienced.

See ya soon,



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