Body Change | Vacation Week!!



July 23 to July 29

Vacation week! It was super fun to visit Florida for the first time. It was kind of hard to find clean eating restaurants. Here’s how the vacation week went.20170723_155803


Breakfast – cereal| Lunch / Dinner – vegan ribs, broccoli, and corn. No workout.


Breakfast – cereal | Lunch / Dinner – fried rice. No workout.

Tuesday Vacation started

Breakfast – a waffle, grits, and two scrambled eggs| Lunch – skipped | Dinner –  one slice of pizza. No workout.


Breakfast – waffle and two eggs | Lunch – veggie patty flatbread | Dinner – fries and one biscuit. Workout – 1 mile on the treadmill at an incline of 15 for 10 minutes and 0 incline for 10 plus minutes, 40 lunges, and 40 arms with 10 lbs dumbbells.


Breakfast – waffle and two eggs | Lunch – fries | Dinner – vegetables and fried rice. Workout – .50 miles on treadmill, .50 miles on elliptical, and 50 arm curls.


Breakfast – waffle and three eggs | Lunch – fries | Dinner -alfredo. Workout – 200 arm water workout.

Saturday – Vacation ended

Brunch – French toast, two scrambled eggs, and cheese grits | Dinner – eggplant and yellow rice. No workout.

See ya,



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