Body Diary |When You’re Busy, Just Walk


This week I was pretty busy during and after work. It was so beautiful outside during the week so I just took walks. It was good to get away from work for a little and to get some movement in. I tried to eat much better knowing that I wouldn’t be working out as much. The I tried part is because I wanted ice cream sandwiches and chips throughout the week. I ended up eating an ice cream sandwich everyday and I had some chips a few days during the week. LOL.


Breakfast – acai berry mix| Lunch and dinner –  chicken, yams, cornbread, and macaroni and cheese. No workout


Breakfast – oatmeal| Lunch –  rice, broccoli and corn| Dinner – fried rice. Exercise – walked 3 blocks.20170627_130224.jpg


Breakfast – 1crepe| Lunch – fried rice and teriyaki chickpeas | Dinner -alfredo. Workout – arm resistance band 100 time and 50 crunches.


Breakfast – 1 crepe and 2 hash browns| Lunch – alfredo and broccoli | Dinner – a bowl of corn. Exercise – walked 1 block and 8 sets of stairs 1 time.


Breakfast – 2 hash browns| Lunch – 20170629_130611.jpgteriyaki chickpeas, potatoes, and broccoli | Dinner – alfredo. Exercise – walked 1 block.


Breakfast – 1 crepe | Lunch – salad, teriyaki chickpeas, potatoes, and broccoli | Dinner – alfredo. Exercisewalked 2 blocks.


Brunch – 2 hash browns and a broccoli and cheddar cheese quiche | Dinner – alfredo and broccoli. No workout


See ya soon,




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