Body Diary |Trying to Eat Cleaner Foods


This week was pretty good. One thing, healthier foods are good for the body but my taste buds do not care too much for it. Lol. I’m trying to find foods that are mostly plant based and are good. I’m in the process of searching for tastier plant based meals. Until I find more plant based meals that I love, I will continue to buy food that tastes sooo good to me…something like my Sunday dinners.


Breakfast –¬†oatmeal¬†| Lunch –¬† fried rice| Dinner –¬†fish, yams, and macaroni and cheese| Workout – cleaned place for 4 hours. I was really working hard, sweating and all.


Breakfast –¬†acai mix berries | Lunch – fish, yams, corn, and macaroni and cheese | Dinner –¬†fish, yams, and macaroni and cheese| Workout – Yoga, which was stupid hard lol. I have to do yoga more often¬†so that it won’t hurt so much.


Breakfast – oatmeal| Lunch – salad| Dinner – quinoa, teriyaki chickpeas, corn, and broccoli| No workout just walked a block.


Breakfast Рacai berry mix | Lunch РFries| Dinner Рsalad | Workout Рwalked 1/2 block. Treadmill for 15 minutes.



Breakfast –¬†oatmeal| Lunch – quinoa, broccoli, and corn| Dinner – chicken chipotle bowl¬†| Workout – walked a block, 50 crunches and did arm resistance band 100 times.


Breakfast – oatmeal and acai¬†mix¬†| Lunch – fries, rice broccoli, and corn¬†| Dinner –¬†salad¬†| No workout


Breakfast –¬†berry smoothie| Lunch¬†and dinner – banh mi¬†sandwich| Workout -No workout

See ya later,

-Timzy ‚ô•


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