Body Diary |Why Do I Have to Lose Weight to Build Muscle?


I’m enjoying the trial and error physical body change process. I want to naturally get the body I want without any cheats. I will be super honest about how I don’t like that I have to lose weight in order to build muscle. I wish I didn’t have to lol.

I just want to tighten skin in certain areas and enhance my curves. I’m still working on how to do it. Hopefully I can achieve it. I will continue these diaries until I achieve the body I want!


Breakfast – bananas| Lunch/Dinner – chicken, yams, and macaroni and cheese | No workout


Breakfast – acai berry mix | Lunch and Dinner – rice and teriyaki chickpeas | Snacks – chips and oreo ice cream sandwiches | Workout – 50 crunches, arm resistance band 100 times, and 50 butterfly arms


Breakfast – 1 crepe| Lunch – rice, corn, and teriyaki chickpeas | Dinner – 1 crepe| Workout – 50 20170615_183054.jpgcrunches


Breakfast – 1 crepe| Lunch – rice, broccoli, and chickpeas | Dinner – fried rice| Workout – arm resistance band 150 times and 50 high knees


Breakfast – 1 crepe| Lunch – fried rice | Dinner – fried rice and chickpeas | Workout – 50 Russian twists, 50 arm circles, 50 donkey kicks, and 50 fire hydrants


Breakfast – 1 crepe| Lunch – fish, macaroni and cheese, corn bread| Dinner – fried rice and chickpeas | No workout


Breakfast – fries| Lunch and Dinner – chicken chipotle bowl | Workout – cleaned place for hours. I felt like I was working out foreal. LOL.

See ya soon,




  1. Hi love your post, have you thought about weights, not to “bulk” but to build muscle and tone. At first i was against it, but my husband/trainer ensured me that you will tone and loose at the same time. And he’s right I am. Im currently down about 16lbs and toning quite nicely.

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