Going Back to Getting Fit| About Action


I haven’t worked out in some months now. I went to the gym one time last week but it was nothing to really be proud of.

It was hard to get motivated after not working out for weeks. Though I was not working out, I was busy doing other things, so I wasn’t being completely lazy. Also, I ate pretty good most of the time while not working out.

Confession 😦 I have SHAME. I will wear my jacket in the heat if I do not think my body looks right. Well, I really like wearing my jacket too because I’m usually always cold. Besides those times I’m legit cold, I’m wearing my jacket to hide my stomach area and arms.

I say all that because seeing myself in a not so appealing shape, to me, motivates me to workout. I have a certain way I want to look so I put that in my head right along with life is short.

Me talking to myself: You have all your limbs properly working and able to live another day, just get up and do it.

I don’t want to look back on my life and say I should have done that and that and that and that and that.

So yup, here’s my first week schedule. Going back to getting fit.


Breakfast – 1 mini wheat bagel with peanut butter

Drunk a little water

Lunch – French fries

2 hours before working out – white rice and teriyaki flavored chickpeas (Cooked by me)

Workout – Bike for 20 minutes

Acai Mix

After workout – 2 mini wheat bagels with peanut butter and one bananas


Breakfast – 2 mini wheat bagels with peanut butter and acai mix

Lunch – French fries

3 hours before workout baked Potatoes and asparagus (Cooked by me)

Potatoes and asparagus

Walked for 10 minutes at work. 50x resistant band (arms)

Dinner –  Had a few chips but no real dinner dinner


Breakfast – Apple oatmeal with unsweetened almondmilk20170503_190312.jpg

Lunch – French fries

2 hours before workout

Workout – Bike for 20 minutes and while at work walked up 8 flight of stairs and back down

Dinner – Chicken potstickers from Trader Joe’s and broccoli20170503_192227


Breakfast – Acai mix

While at work – 50 resistance band arms and 8 flight of stairs

Lunch – French fries and turkey sandwich

Workout – 50 Donkey Kicks, 50 fire hydrants, 50 crunches, and 30 seconds plank


No workout.

Breakfast – Acai mix and potstickers. Ew, I know. I had the potstickers first and then later in the morning I had the acai mix.20170505_131009

Lunch – Potatoes and asparagus with broccoli and carrots

Dinner – Fried catfish with macaroni and cheese and yams


No workout.

Breakfast – Acai mix

Lunch and dinner – Banh Mi chicken sandwich and chicken curry puffs.


No workout.

Left over fish dinner and close to dinner I had chicken with more macaroni and cheese and yams. I know, I know, I know, I eat the same things a lot and I’m not eating the best foods while trying to get my body right. 


Check me out next week. I’m really going to try to do better. It is definitely a process if I want to keep this healthier lifestyle up for the rest of my life.



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