Perfectly Even and Clean Eyebrows


I have to share how I, now, pluck my own eyebrows. I used to pluck my eyebrows freehandedly and noticed that I had to go back several times to make them even. I was over it! It was taking me too long to do my eyebrows. I had to think of a better way and I did.

Reasons why I don’t get my eyebrows arched/shaped at the shop∴

◊I want to save money

◊I moved far away from where I used to get my eyebrows threaded

◊I don’t want to look for another place close to me

◊It gives me time to do something for myself without spending money

What I used to evenly shape my eyebrows

Ruler, bubble level, rubbing alcohol, tweezers, eyebrow pencil, empty mascara spoolie/eyebrow brush, cotton pad, and mirror.

Here’s how I did my own eyebrows. 



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