Body Change | Week 5


This week has messed me up tremendously. I love being with family around the holidays and having all the tasty foods but, the food aftermath ain’t no joke. Lol.


Foods. Breakfast 2 packs of apple and cinnamon oatmeal with a banana. Drunk water before eating

I between time I drunk chamomile tea with honey for a little taste

Lunch salad with blue cheese dressing

Dinner salad with value cheese dressing

Workouts. Tummy tuck 100 times, squats 50 times, lunges 10 second hold on each legs done 5 times, circular arms with 3lbs dumbell in each hand 100 times, and side to side 100 times.


Foods. Breakfast – banana

Lunch – grilled chicken sandwich on ciabatta bread and got chamomile tea


Foods. Breakfast – banana

Lunch – Burger, fries, and a fruit drink.

Thursday. All kinds of Thanksgiving food.

FridaySunday. Thanksgiving food.

I was so busy with having thanksgiving at my place that I only worked out once this week. Very bad. So I’ll have to make up in the next week.

Although I’m getting to the size that I like I still have to maintain it. So stay tuned for more information and updates on how I’m doing it.

See ya soon,

– Timzy 


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