Body Change

How are you? I’m glad to have you visit my site and read my blog post (s).

I’m going to get right into it.

I want to document the things I’m doing to change my body.

How did this all start?

I was eating and not really working out over the summer (2016). So I utterly got disgusted with how I was looking and feeling overall. My skin was looking rough and bad, my body wasn’t looking the same as I wanted it to look, I was lazy, negative about many things, and feeling unhealthy inside.

I’ve gotten like this before and just went to the gym. Cleary, that wasn’t enough.

This time I realized that I need to change everything about my body. Learning how bad foods with hormones and stuff can imbalance the body, how certain things you do to the body can impact you negatively, etc. I figured something out… I needed  to do a body change inside and out.

What does this “Body Change” mean?

In my case, it is changing my body physically and internally. That means I need to be more active and be mindful of what I feed my body.

What did I do to start this change? In order.

I had to decide what I needed to do to start my body change. I had to plan.

I planned my workout schedule

I planned my meals. Ok, more like reasearching foods I’ll like to eat and meal ideas. After doing that, then meal prep for each week.

I researched natural and organic products for my body.

For each week

As I get more into it, I’ll share all the foods I ate and workouts I’ve done for that particular week. Throughout I will list natural and organic products.

Keep in the know, if you’re interested. Follow my blog and About Timzy on all social medias.

See ya back here soon,



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