Current Rx: Singleness


Are you single? Lonely? Waiting for the right one? Not happy about being single?

Keep on reading, you’ve came to the right place for treatment.

Here are some things I suggest.

1. Pray. Tell God what you want. He’ll either answer your prayer, say no and not let things happen as you wanted, or give you a change of heart for something else. Just understand sometimes we ask for what we want and it’s not what God wants for us. We just want to satisfy our fleshy selves at times. Everything we want isn’t always good for us.

2. Have self-control. Be responsible and don’t let your bad desires get the best of you. If you think you can’t live without sex, think again. We have choices, either do right or do wrong. Walking away from certain situations, you know aren’t right, is powerful. It’ll be worth it later. You’ll think back and say,  “I’m glad I didn’t do that.”

3. Have standards. For self, know what you’re worth. You should have multiple things to bring to the table. Don’t ever think that sex is the one and only thing that matters. You should be better and worth way more than that. Write out what you bring to the table as of now, today. If you think that you need to improve some things to make your list even better, do it. The best time to better yourself is when you’re single. Don’t have anyone or anything influence you and throw you off track of becoming a better you.

For your future partner; know what you want from that person and write it out. Actually write it out, don’t just try to remember it. Have something to go back to, that being the paper. Be realistic. Don’t make your list off of all physical and materialistic things.

4. Stay positively busy. Find a hobby, something you’ll love to do without being paid for it. Join organizations or groups that interest you. Do things to better yourself such as improving your attitude, weight, finances, spirituality, mind, eating habits, etc. Always learn something new. Stay inspired.

5. Don’t go looking for attention. If you look for attention you can get your feelings hurt if you end up not getting any attention. When you don’t look for attention it’s better because if it doesn’t happen you weren’t looking for it anyway. If you do get attention then it’s cool. Just don’t get big headed and lose yourself. It could distract you from bettering yourself.

6. Don’t listen to love songs. Just don’t do it. You’ll start thinking about someone to put in place of the “yous” in the songs. It can get you emotionally down and sad. It’s not going to help you if you’re lonely, still getting over an ex, or feeling vulnerable. Listen to some uplifting songs, inspirational songs, fun songs, or no songs. Until you have healed then it’s safe to listen to love songs.

7. Travel. Work hard, play hard. Treat yourself to a trip or a vacation. Seeing different areas and places can open up your eyes to new things. It’ll be great to experience. It can help with seeing that there’s a bigger picture than where you are now.

Try all or some of these suggestions until next time I see you.

See ya soon!



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