Natural Hairstyle | Twistout on Tightly Coiled Hair


See how I do a twistout on my hair.

Things I used in this video

Homemade flaxseed gel – Better alternative than store bought gel. Healthier and keeps twist from frizzing too much.

Homemade butters mix – Makes hair soft and holds in the moisture. I applied this after washing and putting oil on my hair.

Denman brush – Best to use for detangling hair from roots. Starting from ends first and working your way to the roots.

Absolute Ez Tame detangling brush – Same as the Denman brush, detangling hair. I used this brush and the Denman brush interchangeably.

Clips – Good for keeping larger sections of hair out of the way while you’re twisting.

Bobby pins – Good for stretching roots and styling hair.

Comb – Good for detangling the ends of hair and parting sections of hair.

You do not have to use everything I listed. It mainly depends on what makes your hair easy to comb/brush through. Doing a twistout on well detangled hair will give you the best results.

I hope that helps you with achieving a lovely twistout.

See ya soon,



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