Natural Twists Updo

I love my natural hair and the styles that I can do. I have now mastered what styles to wear each season. Now that it is Spring and Summer is near, I will be doing a lot of protective hairstyles because I don’t want my hair to frizz and turn into a big afro after doing a twist or braid out. The humidity in the DMV area is crazy…well it seems like it to me. Lol.

I’ve started a new job recently that I have to wake up early for. I knew that I would not want to deal with my hair much in the morning, which could cause me to be late to work. I can’t stand being late to work. So I thought of styles that would last, be easy to maintain, cute and wearable to work. I figured that I will be doing a lot of twists this Spring/Summer.

So I’m starting off with this natural twists updo.


I usually wash my hair every weekend so I only had this style in for a week.

Here is a picture video of the process to achieve this style.

What I did

1. Washed my hair the night before styling
2. Put an oil blend I made on my hair
3. Did individual large braids
4. Went to sleep with a black bonnet and let hair air dry overnight.

The next day my hair was dry and ready to style.

What I used
Three mirrors, a rattail comb, 2 packs of Batik Reggae hair, shea butter based mix I made, and 3 clips.

It took about 5 hours to do it myself.


Timzy ♥


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