Eventually Taking Food Stamps Away?

I knew when I was a little younger that I did not want to rely on the government for any money assistance. I try to deal with the government as least as possible. I basically said, when I was younger,  “I don’t want anything they got.” I just thought that one day they will not be able to or don’t want to give out that much free money for too long.

This information right here is one reason why.

They are going to be cutting off a lot of snap benefits for people over the course of this year, 2016. Said to be more  than 500,000 people. Many of the women are said to be impacted the most.

Check to see if your state will be impacted. The “States Newly Implementing SNAP Time Limits”are in gold. The link is below.

We will see what will really happen.

One thing about me, I kinda take things with a grain of salt. This one though, seems like the real deal.

Here’s the site. Click Right Here.





  1. I always promised myself the same thing. To me SNAP (food stamps) and cash aid has become more of a crunch… People depending on it forever! But then again times have changed. The cost of living has increased especially here in CA. A single income home can not afford the cost of rent, food, utilities and gas. Its one of those your damned if you do damned if you don’t. Perhaps the county should have classes to help budget money and school programs.


    1. Hey! You are so right about all you said. It’s almost like a set up for failure. We have to overcome it. And thanks for the likes!😊


      1. Failure in the homes. I also find it ironic that the women recieve more benefits when the man isnt in the home. Causing two parent house holds to not stand. Its a mental thing.


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