A Random Week

About Life Last Week

Monday. I went to work and to a car dealership. It was really slow at work so I was talking to my “work husband” the whole time.

Just to let you know, I did not come up with that “work husband” title. Our office calls us work husband and wife because we sit next to each other, eat lunch together all the time, and act like we are inseparable.

Alright, so we talked about cars from 9 AM to 5 PM. Lol. I’m in the process of getting a new car. My work husband, Ryan, said that “you need to tell them (salesmen) no to whatever they say and get what you want.” Guess what I did? Right after work I went straight to a dealership to practice. I drove around the dealership parking lot looking like I was plotting to steal. I know I looked suspect. Someone finally came to my car and said can I help you. I told the man that I’m looking at a Jeep Renegade. So I test drove the car and it was cool. They wanted to “collect some information” from me, which meant they wanted to get my personal information and sign off on checking my credit. I said no. Remembering what Ryan told me. I told them I would be going through my credit union. I wanted to know the numbers. They told me the total cost of everything before taxes and fees. I didn’t like the numbers so I left.

Tuesday. I ran into work and told Ryan I said no and left. He laughed at me and said you have to negotiate too…you have to negotiate with everything. I’m like, Ryan, you did not tell me that. So he gave me some more tips.

Right after work I found another dealership to attack. Lol. I really thought I was doing something. I went to look at a Mazda 3 all black. I got in it and it was cool. I like the inside of cars; the Mazda 3 is not all that in the inside to me.
I went into the dealership for them to get my information. I said the same thing as I did with the Jeep people, no and I wanted to know the numbers. After seeing the numbers, in my head, I was like um I hate those numbers. I remembered what Ryan told me. Negotiate.
So I said something like it should be $18,000. The salesman said what do you want your monthly payments to be. I said no that’s not it, I want the overall total to be lower. So he went back and forth with his manager and got it down to about $3,000 less than the original price, which ended up being $18,990. I ended up saying I’ll think about it. I left smiling because I negotiated.

Wednesday. I went into work and told Ryan how I negotiated. He said good, what you say? I told him. He said alright you want to get it lower than that. I was like dang, really?  Lol. I’ll keep practicing.

While at work the Mazda salesman was calling me and texting me. I’m thinking he is super desperate for a sell. I read something online and it mentioned that at the end of the month car salesmen have quotas to meet. If they haven’t met that goal by the end of the month then they’ll do, pretty much, everything they can possibly do to get a sell. So I’m like, oh dang I went to go practice at the wrong time of the month.

I texted the Mazda guy back basically saying that I will not be getting a car from them. So that was that.

At this point, I’m making it my very own business to go to dealerships after work. I’m telling people at work I have to leave exactly at 5 PM because I have somewhere to be. Lol. If they only knew what I was going to do, they’d probably laugh at me.

After work I went to the Honda dealership where I bought my first car. I talked to the same guy, LF, who sold me my first car. I told him, “I’m not buying anything from you today, I just want to look.” I’m pretty cool with him so that’s why I said what I said. He laughed and said “okay what are you looking for?” I told him I want to look at the inside of the cars and see which ones I like. I liked the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord. Right when I was about to leave I said “do you have any new cars or something?” He said we have the HR-V and showed it to me. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. It made me smile so much. Even though I want that car I do not think I’ll be getting it this time around.

Thursday. I went to work tired like I had been working a night job. I went to sleep kinda early and did nothing after I left Honda. Lol a mess.

At work I had some projects to complete. While working I listen to music or watch YouTube when I can. The entire week I had been kinda mad at Wendy Williams because she had not posted any videos on YouTube. I knew why she probably didn’t have any videos posted. She was on HSN and not on YouTube. Wendy has a clothing line on HSN and she was on there for some days or so. I was missing Wendy. While Wendy was doing business I remembered that one of my favorite YouTubers, BorderHammer, said she will post every Thursday. I waited until she posted, which was after I got off of work. I had her video playing while I was in standstill traffic. Her video helped me get through that annoying traffic.

After work I wanted to go to another dealership. Instead I met up with a friend to talk about life insurance with living benefits. It was great and I learned so much. Yes, I will get a policy very soon because it is the best thing since sliced bread.

Friday. Work was somewhat busy.

While at work I got a text from someone about doing their hair. It changed my mood. I don’t like doing hair and when a person contacts me last minute with so many changes and stuff it throws me off. So I dealt with that…

I wanted to get pumped up because it was Friday so I found something on YouTube to watch. I found this YouTube channel where kids are dancing like crazy. Millennium Dance Complex but I got the videos from Tricia Miranda’s YouTube page. I think I watched all of the videos on her page. Lol. Watching them made me want to try a dance move or three.

After work you know I went to another dealership. I went to Hyundai. I parked right in front of the window where all the salesmen can see me. No, I didn’t intentionally park there for them to see me, it was the only space available at that time. I was on the phone with my sister for a minute so I didn’t go in right after parking. One salesman went to the back and got someone to go outside with him to see who I was or whatever. So like a group of them came outside and was looking at me like I was doing something wrong. I was looking back at them like I’m not scared of ya’ll. Lol.

I finally hung up with my sister and got out the car. One man approached and greeted me. I told him what I was there for.

My thoughts. I don’t think that salesmen really listen to what a customer wants, they just go off of whatever they want to go off of. That’s just my experience and silly opinion. 

All I know is that I explained what I was looking for and this man took me to an SUV. I told him, no I only want to look at a Sonata. He took me to an Elantra. I’m like sir, look, all I’m interested in is a Sonata. He finally took me to some Sonatas, they weren’t what I really wanted but it was way closer than what he showed me the first two times. I repeated I want all black about 10 times and he was like “oh we have one in our other lot, let me take you over there.” At this point I’m like I’m not going to play with these people anymore.

I looked at the car and liked it. I did not test drive the car to see how it drives.

After looking at the car we drove back to the dealership for them to try and”collect some information.” I said no. I ask “how much is the car before taxes and fees? ” He said around $24,000 or so. I told him, no I will not pay that much for that particular car. We went back and forth and he said, “if I say $17,000 will you buy the car today?” I said, uhhh, no I need to think about it more. I left feeling pretty good once again. I had negotiated a lot.

When I got in my car I called LF. I told him what kind of deal Hyundai was going to give me on a Sonata. I asked LF, “can you beat his price?” He said yes, just come in tomorrow and we’ll help you out.

Saturday. I decided that I would finally tell people that I will not do hair anymore. While in the car, someone called me about doing their hair. I told her that I am not doing hair anymore and that I will recommend her to someone else. During that conversation we started talking about cars. She told me that her husband, AJ, works at a dealership and said to text or call him.

So I texted AJ. I told him that I was going to go to a Honda dealership near my house after I finished doing hair. We ended up talking on the phone, he told me what to ask them and what to say. He also said why don’t you just come to my dealership next week so I can help you. I told AJ that I would go to his dealership but I wanted to look at the cars some more before going to his dealership next week.

After I was done doing hair, I rushed over to Honda. When I got to Honda I asked LF many questions but kinda felt like I didn’t get anywhere. LF kept saying that he couldn’t do much if he couldn’t see what my credit score was. LF and his team were determined to checking my credit, I was not having it. In the end, I did not get much information from them. Thinking about it, even if I did let them check my credit, we weren’t going to get far because the banks were closed.

Sunday. I did not go to any dealership. Usually, I want to rest on Sundays and do the bare minimum. Does it happen? Nope. I really try to plan for it but so far I have not had any rest on any Sunday since I was a baby. That was over-exaggerated but you get it. Lol.

I watched church online at The Word Church. It was so greatly needed. I love me some R.A. Vernon. The Sunday before I went to a very new church with my friend and her family. It was nice. One thing is, as I grow I need a teaching to apply to my life. I’m not sure why I did not get it from the new church but I definitely got it on this Sunday watching R.A. Vernon. He talked about finding/having purpose on this earth.

After watching church online, I washed and styled my hair. I did flat twists because I did not feel like doing a hairstyle that would take too long to do. I had dinner with my family which I haven’t done in a very long time. We laughed and talked. Just had a good time. Even though I love my own company and being by myself, I do encourage everyone to make time for family. They can be all you got.

Timzy ♥


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