Organized Thinking

I think too much. Do you?

I think too much and have multiple thoughts at once. I have mixed feelings about it…do I try to stop it or continue to live like this?

I usually get, still to this day, that I think too much into things or I’m random.

Of course at times I feel bad about myself and wanted to stop being like that.  But I tell myself, get over it. That’s just how you are.

The reason why I feel bad about it is because I felt like it was becoming a huge problem in my relationships.

Especially my relationships with guys, they will always say that I think too much or think to deep about things. I’m not sure if it was because they were simple-minded, closed-minded, or just never had to deal with someone like me before. At times I think they didn’t like me because they may have thought that the way I processed things in my mind would make the relationship more complicated than what they wanted to deal with.

I talked to a male friend of mine, really just a friend, and he told me that I would need a man that can deal with my thinking. He made so much sense. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. Lol.

So I started to pay more attention to my thinking.

Have you ever noticed when you mention something it just comes up?

That’s how I felt in this case.

Once I started to pay attention to my thinking all this stuff came about. Friends and coworkers started talking about thinking and I started to come across many daily readings about thinking.

With the stuff that came about, I did learn about some great ways to help me with organizing my thinking. It was a mix of things I took into consideration.


Spirituality. I’m starting to practice clearing my mind. It’s pretty bad to the point when I pray I can’t even pray without distractions of so many thoughts. I don’t want to be like that and yes, it’s been a challenge. I’ll let you know this much, I will not give up on practicing clearing my mind. The more I do it the more I’ll be able to easily clear my mind especially when praying.


One at a time. Think one thing out thoroughly and then move on to the next thing I need to do. I am bad, I think of multiple things at a time. I actually got this from an ex friend. I asked him how he think things out and one thing he told me was that he thinks about one thing at a time. I said nope not me I’m thinking about 3 different things in 3 seconds lol. I’m up here multi-tasking in my head basically. Anyway, I tried this way too. Its tough now but I have to keep practicing. Eventually I’ll get it together.


Think before you speak. I’m taking into consideration of what my father yelling at me once when I was a kid, “child, you need to think before you speak.” I did nothing to deserve this, it’s not like I had bad mouthed him or anything. I must’ve replied back to someone so fast it was obvious that I had not taken time to think about it first. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t listen to what my father told me. I tried it a few times and it was worst than me just talking without thinking. I think I was thinking too hard about it. Lol, a mess. So I shrugged my shoulders, threw my hands in the air and said oh well that’s not working for me.

But I’ll say this, when I was applying to jobs a hiring agency told me that when interviewing with the client/company, pause for 2 seconds to make sure that they are done talking and to think about the question. When doing so I did find it kind of helpful, which made me think of my father saying, “child, you need to think before you speak.” Now that I’m years older and had that one talk with that hiring agency, now I practice on anyone I’m talking to. I’m not sure yet if I want to tell my father he was right or that I have finally taken what he’s said into action.

Just to let you know, I may not let him know unless every time I get around him I have the thought about me now thinking before speaking.


10 minutes. Saving the best for last. Thinking for ten minutes everyday. This is my favorite. A former coworker and now friend told me about this. We were talking one day and she suggested it. She told me a story about how she did it everyday after school when she was younger. So I have incorporated the ten minutes thinking into my daily life.

How I do it now is think about my day in chronological order without going on thinking tangents. I’ve been doing it now for three months and recording it in a journal. I explain, in my journal, if I went through my day easily or if I went on a few tangents. I’ve noticed on days that I had some interesting events happen, I tend to go on tangents. The more the events the more thinking tangents I have during my ten minute thinking sessions.

I will gradually increasing the time of my thinking sessions and the time of day I do the specific ten minutes thinking. Right now I do it when I get home after work. I think I will start to do thinking sessions whenever I need to throughout the day. I say that because it really helps me to get it over with and move on to the next thing to think about.

I hope one of my four practices to organized thinking can help you.

Timzy ♄


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